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AFSCME Fact Sheets – Coronavirus (COVID-19)​


COVID-19 Response

Vaccine Fact Sheet
COVID-19 Emergency Relief Law
COVID-19 Emergency Relief Law Provisions for Specific Sectors

Bargaining in Challenging Times

Alternatives to Layoffs webinar & resources

Downloadable resources to help you bargain in challenging times

AFSCME’s Bargaining Toolkit

TOOLS AND TEMPLATES TO HELP YOU PREPARE: A lot of preparation goes into bargaining before the first session with management. Use these tools and templates to make your bargaining request to management, train your bargaining team, gather information, write language and more.​

TOOLS AND SERVICES TO HELP YOU AT THE TABLE: When you’re bargaining at the table, use these tools to determine if the employer can afford the union’s economic proposal and how health and pension benefits proposals will impact members.

MORE TOOLS TO HELP WITH DIFFICULT SITUATIONS: Bargaining can get especially challenging if the employer claims poverty, threatens layoffs or privatization or pushes negotiations to impasse. Use these tools to help you resolve these difficult situations.

Fund the Front lines

Join AFSCME’s #FundtheFrontLines campaign and ask your colleagues and members to tell Congress to do its part to fund the front lines and pass state and local aid for public services.

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