Research and Collective Bargaining Services

about the Department

The Research and Collective Bargaining Services Department offers an array of services to affiliates.

Staff reps can access services by contacting the Research Department via email or telephone.

Dalia Thornton, Director


Jenny Ho, Assistant Director

Mark Murphy, Associate Director

Shaun O’Brien, Policy Strategist

featured SERVICES

Health and Pension Benefits

Understand proposed changes in health benefits and pensions and find alternatives.

Wage and Benefit Surveys

See how your unit’s pay compares to others, if negotiations are stalled or to prepare for impasse proceedings. Allow up to one month of lead time for custom surveys.

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Financial Analyses

Find out if an employer has the ability to pay.    

Arbitrator Profiles

Get arbitrator profiles from databases as well as union attorneys’ reviews of labor arbitrators.

Contract Language

AFSCME’s Contracts Database contains more than 10,000 full-text searchable collective bargaining agreements. (Register or log in for access)
Sample language on select topics is available here.

Anti-Privatization Assistance

Learn the records of companies bidding on members’ jobs and get help mounting your campaign against contracting out.