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  • EveryLibrary
    EveryLibrary is the first and only national organization dedicated exclusively to political action at a local level to create, renew, and protect public funding for libraries of all types. They provide tactical and operational support to local voter awareness campaigns, seed and sustaining monies to local ballot committees and PACs, as well as conducting direct voter advocacy in support of library taxing, bonding, and referendum. Their training and coaching for library staff and leadership in advance of an Information Only campaign is uniquely focused.

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Jane Billinger

Library Workers Sector Specialist


The AFSCME Library Workers group is the place where all library workers can get together and talk about the issues that affect their library system. Join to find out what others are doing in response to workplace issues such as security concerns, evolving responsibilities, continuing education opportunities and how all of those issues are translating into progress at the bargaining table. Through this group, you’ll get to see how library workers’ experiences are different, but still very much the same no matter if you are working in Los Angeles or Nashua.

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