Helpful Resources

Building Strong Unions Through Contract Campaigns - Helpful Resources

  1. First Contract Handbook
  2. Contract Campaign Planning Sheet
  3. Sound Practices for Local Unions
  4. Costing 101 – Western Region Training PowerPoint
  5. Contract Costing 101 – Calculations Spreadsheet
  6. Basic Information Request for Contract Costing
  7. Health Premium Costing Model – Spreadsheet
  8. 50,000 Stronger (Register or log in for access)
    • 50,000 Stronger and Beyond PowerPoint
    • AFSCME’s Four Pillars flyer – English and Spanish
  9. Union Building Bargaining Language (Register or log in for access)
    Model and sample contract language on 10 issues that will help the union maintain membership and power, including new employee orientation, procedures after the loss of dues checkoff, union leave and more.