Financial Analyses

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Financial ANALYSES

Find out if an employer has the ability to pay. Staff reps can request a budget analysis by phone at 202-429-1215, email at or use the Ask a Researcher form. Please request the following records from the employer for the Research Department to review:
  1. Three most recent audited financial reports (typically called Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports);
  2. Unaudited financial report available since the last audited financial report;
  3. A year-to-date report of revenues and expenditures for the current fiscal year, with a comparison to the same period in the prior year, if available;
  4. Current adopted budget;
  5. Proposed budget for the next fiscal year, if available; and
  6. A list of all funds if bargaining unit employees are paid from funds in addition to or other than the general fund (for example, water enterprise fund, food service fund, etc.) and a breakdown, if available, of the number of employees by fund.