AFSCME Information Center

The Information Center is AFSCME’s library, brought to you by staff librarians in the Research & Collective Bargaining Services Department.


The Information Center is located in the Research & Collective Bargaining Services (RCBS) Department on the 6th floor of 1625 L St NW.

Any IU employee based in DC can check out books and subscribe to or browse a range of magazines and journals.

In the field? We can connect you to digital resources.

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Information Center TOOLS AND RESOURCES

Search the Library Catalog

Use our catalog to search the Information Center’s extensive collection of books, studies and periodicals. Many of the entries include links to full-text documents. Need help?

Information Highway

The Information Highway contains a summary of recent books, reports, studies, journal articles and web resources on labor issues. Subscribe by email or follow specific topics.


AFSCME Search has useful databases including a collection of over 10,000 current and historical AFSCME contracts and archives of AFSCME videos and publications. Need help?

Privatization Update

The Privatization Update contains information on the latest activities, problems and issues in the contracting out of public services. Subscribe by email or follow specific topics.

OUR collection

Check out our books

Browse and borrow from our extensive collection of books. Just write your name and the date on the card in the back, and leave it with a librarian.

Get subscribed

Sign up for magazines and journals delivered to your desk or your email inbox. Ask us for a full list of choices.

AFSCME Book Exchange

Take a book, leave a book!
Browse fiction and nonfiction donated by other staff.
Finished a book? Donate your old favorites.

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Browse our periodicals

You can browse recent editions of any available magazines, journals and newspapers.

STAY informed

Washington Post and New York Times – full online access

We provide full online access to The Washington Post and The New York Times to all employees connected to the internet through the HQ’s network. Offsite or need an article from another source? Ask a librarian!

  • New York Times: Register for an account while you are in the building logged into AFSCME’s internet. Already have an account? Log in from AFSCME’s internet using your user ID and password.
  • Washington Post: You do not need to register for an account, just browse the site while you are in the building logged into AFSCME’s internet.

Subscribe to magazines and journals

Sign up for magazines and journals delivered to your desk or your email inbox. Ask us for a full list of choices or to sign up. Options include:

  • Popular news magazines – The Economist, The Atlantic, The Nation and more
  • Labor research journals – Industrial Relations, Journal of Labor Research, Labor Studies Journal and more
  • Public administration and policy periodicals – Health Affairs, GoverningPublic Administration Review and more

Browse recent periodicals

You can browse recent editions of any available magazines and journals in the library stacks on the 6th floor. We also keep recent editions of the following newspapers available for browsing: 

The Wall Street Journal    |         The New York Times    |  The Washington Post     |     The Hill     |    Politico   

ASK A Librarian

Consult with us for your research and information needs

The Information Center consults with staff on strategies for research projects, large and small.

  • We can connect you to print and digital materials about AFSCME’s history, membership and legacy.
  • We can help you navigate new resources and get the most out of the ones you already have.
  • We can help you learn about new topics and stay up-to-date on the issues that interest you most.
  • Suffering from information overload? We have tips and tricks to help with that too.


Need a news, magazine or scholarly article?

Article Request

The AFSCME Information Center has access to a wide variety of news, magazine and scholarly publications. Can’t access the full text of an article? Ask us! A librarian will send you a copy, if available.

Paste in the link to the article that you need below. Don’t have a link? Please include the title, publication and date of the article (or as much information as you know).


Suggest a book for the AFSCME Information Center library

We want to hear your recommendations!

Are there any books you’d like to be able to check out from the AFSCME Information Center that would help make your work easier, or deepen your knowledge of issues facing AFSCME members? Make a recommendation here! Note: We may not be able to accommodate all suggestions.

You can search the library catalog if you’re not sure whether or not we already have the book you’re interested in. Questions? Ask a librarian!

Please provide any basic details about the book(s) that you are recommending, such as a link to a description or the title, author and publication date (if known).

Want to learn more?

Schedule an appointment with a librarian, drop by to browse our collection,

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Research Librarian

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Research Librarian

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Research Librarian

Mark Murphy
Assistant Director, RCBS