Fighting Privatization

Anti-Privatization Assistance

Help from AFSCME's Research and Collective Bargaining Services Department

  • Learn the records of companies bidding on members’ jobs and get help mounting your campaign against contracting out. Affiliate staff can request company background reports, RFP and vendor bid analyses and comparisons of public and private costs by phone at 202-429-1215, email at or using the Ask a Researcher form.


Power Tools for Fighting Privatization

Fact Sheets

  • Privatization: Taxpayer Beware!
    Proponents of privatization claim that the private sector can do a better job at a cheaper price. But experience shows that privatization often leads to increased costs for the public and reduced accountability to taxpayers.
  • Higher Education
    State funding for higher education has been on the decline for decades. But privatization-based cost saving measures lead to a loss of accountability, fail to save money and lower the quality of services, while harming workers and the local economy.
  • Social Services
    Outsourcing is promoted as a way to save money, improve services, and shake up so-called “unaccountable bureaucracies.” But in reality, it often fails on all counts, especially in attempts to outsource human and social services.
  • Transportation Public-Private Partnerships
    Public-private partnerships privatize valuable public assets such as roads and bridges to guarantee long-term returns to financiers at the expense of taxpayers.
  • Prisons
    Private prisons are more dangerous for inmates and staff, and often fail to deliver the savings they promise.
  • Schools
    Outsourcing school support services generally leads to a loss of accountability, fails to save money and lowers the quality of services, while harming workers and the local economy.
  • Infrastructure
    Infrastructure privatization can actually increase costs for a city and its residents, eliminate accountability to the public, and compromise the quality of critical services that residents regularly rely on.