• AFSCME/FYI — The AFSCME/FYI is a customized daily email summary of news for AFSCME staff. It covers major national and political issues and state and local AFSCME developments. Contact Jessica Storrs at jstorrs@afscme. org if you’d like to receive the email.

  • Information Highway — This blog is updated daily and contains a summary of recent books, reports, studies, journal articles and web resources on labor issues. An RSS feed is available for the blog and subject-specific RSS feeds are also available.
  • AFSCME Information Center Catalog — The Information Center, AFSCME’s library, has an extensive collection of books, studies and periodicals. This is a database of the collection. Many of the entries include links to full-text documents. You may receive a “certificate error message” when you follow this link. Just click on “continue to this website (not recommended).”
  • AFSCME Publications — This link will take you to a list of AFSCME publications available on
  • Using RSS to manage — How to get started with RSS feeds and some suggestions for feeds to try
  • Arbitrator Profiles: Need to pick an arbitrator from a panel but have nothing to go on? The Research Department can help. We run the panel through a database that includes the arbitrators’ biographies as well as the number of times they’ve ruled for management or for the union. AFSCME staff representatives and attorneys can request a search by sending an e-mail with the arbitrators’ names to Beth Vernaci at bvernaci@afscme .org.

  • Union Talking Points

Ask a Researcher

  • Send your request for to the AFSCME Research Department at infocenter@afscme. org .

  • Find and contact the person who specializes in the area in which you need : Research Department Directory (login required)

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